Courageous Soul
Courageous Soul
Courageous Soul

Courageous Soul

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Harness Your Personal Power

Grounding ☾Protection ☾Earth 

Fire ☾Strength ☾Courage

Imagine harnessing the strength and powerful energies contained within Lava Beads to support you every day. Black Lava Stone is believed to protect its wearer and known for its grounding qualities since it comes from the earth's core. Lava is known as a stone of strength and courage (kinda like being a superhero). 

Rub 2 to 3 drops of your favorite essential oil onto the Lava Stone beads. Our most recommended oils for this diffuser bracelet are: Cedarwood, White Fir, Spruce, Juniper, Ylang Ylang

This bracelet is composed of (10mm) stones strung on stretchy cord. It measures approximately 7'' (fits small to medium sized wrists). Please see size variations below to customize your bracelet at no extra cost.

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